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february 2017

Powerless Trailer

NBC is heading back into DC Comics universe with the new comedy Powerless, which follows the employees of Wayne Security, who are trying to create gadgets to help regular people survive the various super-powered battles occurring around them.

Gore Verbinski Returns to Horror for A Cure for Wellness (Trailer)

Gore Verbinski returns to horror with A Cure for Wellness, which follows a young executive (Dane Dehaan) who tries to track down his company’s CEO at a Swedish “Wellness Center) but becomes trapped there and uncovers horrible and disturbing things happening to the visitors.

Sleepless Trailer

When his son is kidnapped by a drug dealer he ripped off, cop Vincent Downs (Foxx) has to do whatever it takes to get his son back in next year’s thriller, Sleepless, a remake of French thriller Sleepless Night aka Nuit Blanche.