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EA Commentary: Mortal Kombat

The winner of our So Bad It’s Good tournament, Zach, Chris, and Chris Ali watched 1995’s Mortal Kombat, probably the greatest video game to movie adaptation, for the latest Everything Action commentary.

EA Commentary: American Samurai

For the latest Everything Action Commentary, Zach, Chris and Chris Ali put their fate in the hands of random chance and ended up watching 1993’s American Samurai.

Action Hero of the Week: Drew Collins

Adopted by a master samurai, journalist Drew Collins has to take on his adopted brother Kenjiro in a deadly fighting tournament to recover the family’s stolen sword and make it out of Turkey alive.

Action Hero of the Week: Chris DuBois

After bouncing around the globe, Chris DuBois joins the duplicitous Lord Dobbs and his first mate Harri Smythe in a scheme to infiltrate a secret fighting tournament and steal a massive golden dragon that goes to the winner.

Action Hero of the Week: Frank Dux

“For centuries, the Society of the Black Dragon has sanctioned an ancient rite of combat known as the Kumite…it has never been won by a Westerner”