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Know Your “That Guy”: PJ Byrne

Popping up in quick, scene stealing roles in movies like Horrible Bosses, PJ Byrne is now co-starring in movies like The Wolf of Wall Street and the upcoming CBS show, Intelligence.

New Release Round Up 12/27

The week after Christmas is pretty much a dumping ground for some of the worst movies of the year but, hey, at least Archer Season Two is out.

Battle at the Box Office 8/15

Rise of the Planet of the Apes held onto the top spot at the box office this weekend, despite some strong competition from The Help.

Admit One 8/12

Four vastly different new movies are out this weekend for your viewing pleasure with racism drama, a 3D concert film, horrific accidents and wacky bank robbing.

News Shotgun 9/24

News this week about a bunch of sequels, properties coming to TV and the continuing battle to become the King of Kong.