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Clive Owen Goes Black Mirror with Anon (Trailer)

Coming to Netflix in May, Anon is the latest from director Andrew Niccol, director of Gattaca and In Time, where Clive Owen is a detective in a world where everyone has ocular implants that record everything at all times, eliminating the concepts of privacy and anonymity.

Action Hero of the Week: Pete Nessip

Trying to stop a crew of hijackers who killed his brother, US Marshal Pete Nessip has to learn how to skydive in order to foil their plan to drop into DEA headquarters and steal a list of undercover operatives to sell to the highest bidder.

Action Hero of the Week: Nicholas Hathaway

Enlisted from prison by an international task force, former hacker Nick Hathaway has to help track a dangerous rogue hacker who is committing escalating cybercrimes around the globe.

When You’re A Spy: All or Nothing

Michael and Fi go undercover as hackers to take down the group that found and sold Sonya’s identity in this week’s episode, directed by Jonathan Frakes.