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High Heaven

The Pull List – High Heaven #4

David gets a peek into a council of members of heaven’s execs and does not like what he sees. Instead of wise and benevolent leaders, he witnesses a committee that thinks too highly of themselves. Believing that free will is too much for humanity to handle, scientific genius Galileo Galilei devises a substance called L-meat […]

The Pull List – High Heaven #3

Sometimes the person you hate the most, could be the only person that can help you. David finds out his new roommate is his former friend Ben, the person responsible for misleading David that eventually caused his death. Just when heaven can’t seem to be any worst, now his most hated person is sharing his […]

The Pull List – High Heaven #2

Bunk Beds, Peanut Crackers and one channel TV isn’t enough for David Weather’s idea of Heaven. After suffering a humiliating moment before his death, he thought things would turn around in the afterlife. To his misery, the afterlife is full of things that he can’t stop complaining about. But there might be some chance to […]

The Pull List – High Heaven #1

One bad day can easily be solved with the hope for a better day tomorrow, but what happens when one bad moment in life leads to a worse afterlife? Meet David Weathers, an average guy struggling with balancing his work life and his own life. Like anyone waiting for their chance to finding meaning in […]