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Backcountry Trailer

A couple’s romantic camping trip in the Canadian wilderness becomes a fight for survival when they get lost and stumble into the territory of a massive bear in the upcoming thriller, Backcountry.

The Salvation Trailer

Mads Mikkelsen heads out west as he plays a Dutch soldier trying to start a new life in America in the 1870’s but runs afoul of some dangerous outlaws led by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Everything Alcohol: Maniac (2013)

Looking for that special someone to share your passions with? Elijah Wood shows us what not to do to impress the ladies. We watched and played our second drinking game to IFC Film’s “Maniac”.

Maniac Trailer

You may just know Elijah Wood as Frodo but if you saw Sin City, you know he can play an incredibly creepy serial killer and he’s in a similar role in the upcoming Maniac.