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Everything Action Theater: Iron Man (1994)

Before the MCU, Marvel fans in the 90s had to get their fix from the comics and animated shows like 1994’s Iron Man, which was part of the syndicated “Marvel Power Hour” with the 90s Fantastic Four cartoon.

Everything Action Theater: Nightflyers (1987)

A new series based on George RR Martin’s sci-fi novella is hitting SyFy starting on December 2nd but it’s not the first adaptation, as a movie version of Nightflyers hit theaters in 1987 and you can watch the whole thing right here.

Auto Pilot: Rambo: The Force of Freedom

Presumably taking place after First Blood Part 2, Rambo: The Force of Freedom finds everyone’s favorite one man army taking on the evil General Warhawk and his band of colorful evil doers as they try to take over the world.

Auto Pilot: Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys

Airing in 1997, Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys pitted the titular crew of primates, who gain enhanced intelligence from a mysterious alien race, against Nebula, a living black hole who wants to destroy the universe and remake it in his own image.