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Admit One 10/20

A weird mix of movies out this weekend including a based on a true story drama, an over the top disaster movie, a serial killer thriller and a new wacky Madea movie.

Action Hero of the Week: Dr. Mark Clyne

Brought to a battlefield in Eastern Europe because of mysterious “Hyper Spectrals” that are killing off soldiers, DARPA engineer Mark Clyne has to figure out what the Spectrals are and how to stop them before the spread around the world.

The Walk Trailer

Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars as French high wire artist Philippe Petit in this dramatized version of his incredible 1974 walk between the towers of the World Trade Center.

Stretch Trailer

A limo driver (Patrick Wilson) whose desperate for cash takes a job for a crazed millionaire which puts him through an insane chain of events in LA in Stretch, the latest from Joe Carnahan.

Action Hero of the Week: Gerry Lane

Criss crossing the globe, UN investigator Gerry Lane has to try and discover the source of a worldwide zombie outbreak before humanity is wiped out.

Miss Meadows Trailer

Katie Holmes stars as the eponymous character, who is a prim and proper elementary school teacher by day and a gun toting vigilante by night.