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Action Hero of the Week: Kyle LeBlanc

Sent to prison after exacting revenge on the man who killed his wife, Kyle LeBlanc has to survive a brutal Russian prison that holds deadly fights between the inmates under the watch of a sadistic general.

New Release Round Up 4/9

The truth is out there with History Channel’s UFO series Project Blue Blook along with Holmes & Watson, the latest from JCVD, Ray Donovan, You’re the Worst and more out this week on DVD and Blu-Ray.

JCVD Takes On MS-13 in We Die Young (Trailer)

JCVD is a soldier who returns back to the States and moves into a Washington DC neighborhood run by MS-13. His path crosses with two boys who are looking to escape the gang life and JCVD may be the only who can take on the gang and get them out in We Die Young.

Musical Montage: Iryna Bilyk “I Love Him”

Most of us have probably never heard of Ukrainian pop star Iryna Bilyk but in 2008 she had none other than Jean Claude Van Damme in her music video for the song “Ya Lyublyu Ego” aka “I Love Him”.

Action Hero of the Week: Sam Gillen

Escaping from a prison bus, bank robber Sam Gillen is taken in by a widow and her two children, who he helps to defend their land against an evil land developer and the corrupt local sheriff.