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Action Hero of the Week: Alita

Discovered by Dr. Dyson Ido in the junkyard of Iron City, Alita is a cyborg soldier who tries to remember who she is while becoming entangled with the evil forces lurking in the background.

Beneath Trailer

A group of coal miners are trapped by a cave in and, along with trying to find a way out, must deal with some sort of infection or virus that is slowly turning each of them into mindless killing machines.

Know Your “That Guy”: Jeff Fahey

“I have an affinity for good roles in good films. I like a variety of parts, and if some of the good stuff happens to be in fantasy and horror, I do them” -Jeff Fahey on his many roles

Machete Trailer *Updated*

The first official trailer for the movie based on one of the Grindhouse trailers, directed by Robert Rodriguez and starring Danny Trejo.