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Musical Montage: Michael Sembello

Best known for the song “Maniac” from the Flashdance soundtrack, Michael Sembello contributed to a bunch of other 80’s soundtracks, including Gremlins and Monster Squad.

Musical Montage: Footloose

Great warrior Kevin Bacon manages to bring back dance to an oppressed town with a little help from Kenny Loggins, Bonnie Tyler, Moving Pictures and more in Footloose.

EA Commentary: Over the Top

The “Citizen Kane of Arm Wrestling Movies”, Over the Top, is the latest Everything Action Commentary. Join Zach, Chris and Joe as they watch Stallone try to win back the love of his son and the world arm wrestling championship.

Musical Montage: Over the Top

Sly Stallone’s epic tale of trucking, arm wrestling and father/son bonding, Over the Top, is a textbook example of what an 80’s soundtrack should be.

Everything Actioncast Ep. 58 “You’re My Eyes Goose”

This week the trio of Zach, Brian and Joe talk about Marvel Motion Comics, the most amazingly bad Nicolas Cage performance of all time, pitch ideas for Real Steel and Expendables 2 and talk about one of the most beloved movies of all time, Top Gun, in honor of it’s 25th anniversary.

Musical Montage: Top Gun

It’s a new feature on Everything Action where we’ll highlight the best movie music, movie inspired music videos, movie scores and more. With the 25th Anniversary of Top Gun today we take a look at the music videos for some of the best songs from it’s soundtrack.