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The 12th Annual Kick Ass Awards

The 90th Academy Awards are this weekend but the only awards that actually matter are our Kick Ass Awards, celebrating the best and worst of the previous year, including the Ass Kicker of the Year and the Kick Ass Movie of 2017.

Netflix and Steven Soderbergh Head West for Godless (Trailer)

Netflix and Steven Soderbergh (and screenwriter Scott Frank) team up for a new limited Western drama called Godless, where Jeff Daniels plays a ruthless gang leader who sets his sights on a town called La Belle inhabited solely by women after all the men died in horrific mine accident.

Action Hero of the Week: Jack

When his ex arrives back in his life on the run from a ruthless crime boss, thief Jack and his crew have to pull a series of heists to bail her out and get a fortune in diamonds.

New Release Round Up 5/23

Two of the most critically and commercially successful movies of the year are out this week with Logan and Get Out along with The Great Wall, Vixen: The Movie and more.

Battle at the Box Office 3/27

Beauty and the Beast remained strong with the fourth best 2nd weekend in history while Logan has crossed over half a billion worldwide and Power Rangers had a stronger debut than anticipated.

Battle at the Box Office 3/20

Beauty and the Beast shattered records with a stunning $170 million opening, the largest PG opening of all time and the seventh highest ever opening of all time.