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Up to Speed: Colony Season 2

Season 2 of USA Network’s alien invasion/occupation show Colony debuts tonight (1/12) and there’s a recap of Season 1 here that will get you caught up/refreshed on what went down last year.

Action Hero of the Week: Webster Smith

Called in as a liaison when a body is found during a high profile party at a Japanese corporation, detective Webster Smith has to navigate a conspiracy with the help of hid new partner John Connor, an expert on Japanese culture.

Review: The Nice Guys

After Iron Man 3, Shane Black returns to his roots for the excellent and hilarious LA noir action/comedy The Nice Guys, featuring buddy “cops” Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe.

Action Hero of the Week: Ray Gaines

Despite possibly the largest earthquake in history hitting the West Coast, rescue pilot Ray Gaines engages in a land, sea and air assault to rescue his daughter Blake from the ruins of San Fransisco.