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Action Hero of the Week: Christian Wolff

A forensic accountant for the most dangerous criminals on Earth, autistic math savant Christian Wolff use his lifetime of military training to keep himself safe and take out anyone who breaks his moral code.

Movie of the Month: Way of the Dragon

To celebrate Chinese New Year, the Everything Action crew is watching the Bruce Lee classic Way of the Dragon this month, which features his legendary battle against the one and only Chuck Norris.

Action Hero of the Week: Jason Stillwell

The mafia attempts to take over all the martial arts dojos in the country and teenager Jason Stillwell must train with the ghost of Bruce Lee to protect his father’s dojo from the mafia’s Russian enforcer, Ivan, played by none other than Jean Claude Van Damme.

Action Hero of the Week: Joey Gazelle

When a gun used in a shootout where cops got killed goes missing, low level mob member Joey Gazelle has to track it down before the cops do in 2006’s Running Scared.