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EA Commentary: My Samurai

Zach, Chris and Chris Ali are kicking off 2018’s commentaries with another bizarre entry pulled from the depths of YouTube, 1992’s My Samurai.

EA Commentary: Sidekicks

For this Everything Action commentary, Zach, Chris, Chris Ali and Asa dive into what could possibly be the ultimate Chuck Norris movie, Sidekicks.

Know Your “That Guy”: Mako

Whether chronicling the adventures of Conan or teaching the Ninja Turtles as Splinter, Mako had a long career of playing wise mentors in both live action and cartoons.

Action Hero of the Week: Jeff Sanders

Seemingly a normal construction worker, Jeff Sanders is secretly a black belt in Kenpo and must use his skills to avenge the death of his mentor when he is killed by the Korean mafia.

Review: Conan the Barbarian

The original Conan launched the career of our patron saint, Arnold Schwarzenegger, so the remake has some big shoes to fill. Is it a worthy remake or should it have been cut in half with a broadsword?