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march 2017

Danny Rand Unleashes the Iron Fist on NYC (Trailer)

The final Defender arrives in March as Danny Rand returns to NYC after 15 years away to reclaim his family’s company and battle evil with the martial arts and powers he acquired training in the mystical city of K’un-Lun.

The Claws Come Out in the Final Trailer for Logan

Hugh Jackman is back for one last time as Wolverine in the upcoming Logan, where he and Professor X are some of the last remaining mutants but find a young girl named Laura who has powers similar to Logan and is being hunted by mercenaries working for a company called Transigen.

Dax Shepherd Wants to Know if You ‘Member CHiPs (Trailer)

Dax Shephard co-stars, wrote and directs this comedic reboot of the 70’s/80’s cop show that starred Erik Estrada and Larry Wilcox, with Michael Pena as Ponch, who is now an undercover FBI agent investigating corruption in the California Highway Patrol.

The Belko Experiment Begins in March (Trailer)

When their office is locked down and armed guards arrive outside, a group of office workers are told they have to kill three of their co-workers or double that number will be killed in next year’s horror thriller, The Belko Experiment.