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Action Hero of the Week: French

Desperate for money to keep his martial arts gym afloat, a former soldier and martial artist French takes a side job working for LA mob boss Tommy, intimidating and beating down people who owe him money.

Musical Montage: Streets of Fire

Featuring the hit song “I Can Dream About You” by Dan Hartman, the soundtrack for Walter Hill’s Streets of Fire also includes the music of the fictional bands of the movie like The Sorels and Ellen Aim and The Attackers.

Action Hero of the Week: Tom Cody

Returning home on behalf of his sister, mercenary Tom Cody heads to the wrong side of town to rescue his ex-girlfriend Ellen Aim from the ruthless Bombers biker gang and their leader, Raven.

Operator Trailer

Ving Rhames is a mysterious caller who kidnaps a 911 operator’s daughter, forcing her and her ex-husband, a cop, into increasingly dangerous situations in next year’s thriller, Operator.