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Action Hero of the Week: Stanley Ipkiss

Shy and insecure bank clerk Stanley Ipkiss discovers an ancient magical mask that allows him to turn into the unstoppable trickster known as The Mask but it also makes him a target of local crime boss Dorian Tyrell.

Pompeii Trailer #2

When Mt. Vesuvius erupts, gladiator Milo must fight his way through the city to rescue his love, Columba, and escape before the entire city is destroyed by ash and lava in Paul WS Anderson’s upcoming historical action epic, Pompeii.

Review: Bad Milo

Ken Marino stars as mild mannered accountant Duncan, who learns that his chronic intestinal issues are not due to stress, but from a demon who lives in his ass.

Know Your “That Guy”: Taylor Negron

His characters might not have an actual name (Pizza guy in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, for example) but Taylor Negron always makes an impression whenever he shows up.