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Shane Black is Back with The Nice Guys (Red Band Trailer)

Shane Black is back to his bread and butter for next summer’s The Nice Guys, which finds Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe as mismatched partners in the 70’s trying to find a missing girl who may have gotten involved in a mafia conspiracy.

Review: Run All Night

Liam Neeson is back for Run All Night, where he is forced to kill the son of his mob boss/best friend (Ed Harris) in order to protect his own son (Joel Kinnaman).

Reviews: Empire State and The Iceman

Two crime thrillers based on actual events hit DVD/Blu Ray last week with Empire State and The Iceman. See if either of them are worth checking out in this double review.

When You’re a Spy: Unchained

Michael and Fi must use their Boston accents to try and find a fugitive mob boss in Miami for the FBI in exchange for the file on Nate’s murder on this week’s Burn Notice.

Killing Them Softly Trailer

Brad Pitt stars as a mob enforcer in Killing Them Softly, who is called in to investigate the theft of $100,000 from a mob poker game.

Gangster Squad Trailer

Zombieland and 30 Minutes or Less director Ruben Fleischer goes in a more serious direction for his third movie, Gangster Squad, which features Sean Penn as 40’s gangster Mickey Cohen and the squad of cops, led by Josh Brolin, looking to take him down. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone star as well.