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Admit One 1/5

Hollywood is apparently still trying to recover from the ridiculous release schedule of Christmas as 2012 gets started with just one new movie, the crappy looking exorcism movie, The Devil Inside.

Total Recall: Sliders “The Fire Within”

Sliders is back this week and this time the gang is on a world where Southern California is the main source of petroleum and the gang bring a hitchhiker with them in the form of an intelligent flame.

Total Recall: Sliders “Double Cross”

We kick off Season Three of Sliders with an episode that introduces us to Logan St. Clair, Quinn’s evil female double who is trying to perfect sliding for her own nefarious means.

Rubber, The Killer Tire Movie

Premiering during a competition at the Cannes Film Festival, Rubber is a movie about a killer rubber tire that explodes people’s heads with psychic powers.