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Everything Actioncast Ep 300 “Better Call Creed”

This week on the 300th episode of the Everything Actioncast, Zach, Chris and Joe talk about Jumanji, Rita Repulsa, the greatness of Creed, the amazing season of Better Call Saul, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, the bugginess of Arkham Origins and much more

Action Hero of the Week: Dr. David Grant

When the unthinkable happens and Steven Seagal dies, it’s up to Kurt Russell’s Dr. David Grant to help save a hijacked plane and prevent it from being used in a terrorist attack.

Review: Lone Survivor

Refreshingly lacking in any sort of political message or moralizing like many recent war movies, Lone Survivor tells the incredible true story of Operation Red Wings and the men who fought and died during it.

Lone Survivor Trailer

Mark Wahlberg is part of the four man SEAL Team 10 in Lone Survivor, based on the true story of Operation Red Wings in Afghanistan.

Review: Act of Valor

Real Navy SEALs deal with a fake terrorist plot in Act of Valor; a movie that takes a lot of cues from Call of Duty and features some fantastic, realistic action sequences.

Admit One 2/24

Everything is rotten this week and two of the movies weren’t even screened for critics.