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News Shotgun 2/11

Some of the Expendables have new projects and some more remakes get directors.

News Shotgun 2/4

News this week about some more remakes, a fantastic SNES game is inspiring a movie and casting news for Bond 23 and The Dark Knight Rises.

2010 Razzie Award Nominations

As usual, it’s the day before the Oscar nominations are announced at that means it’s time for the 2010 Razzie Nominations.

Everything Action Facebook Group

New for 2011, Everything Action is now a group on Facebook. Head over there to see and comment on news stories, chat with the guys, post your own cool links and more.

News Shotgun 1/7

Tons of directing news this week including who will be directing the new Godzilla movie and the Ouija board movie.

News Shotgun 12/17

Tons of stuff this week in the Shotgun including directors leaving and taking on projects, The Transporter: The Series and test footage from Superman Lives.

News Shotgun 11/26

Tons of news this week including a reboot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a movie version of The Lone Ranger and insane Uncharted movie developments.