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Action Hero of the Week: John Milton

Busting out of Hell, John Milton is on a mission of revenge against the evil cult leader who killed his daughter and is going to sacrifice his grandaughter.

Tokarev Trailer

Nicolas Cage is back next year with Tokarev, where he’s a former criminal who gets his old crew back together for revenge when Cage’s daughter is murdered by the Russian mob.

The Frozen Ground Trailer

Nicolas Cage is an Alaskan detective on the hunt for a serial killer, played by John Cusack in the upcoming crime thriller, The Frozen Ground.

News Shotgun 5/31

This week the newest additions to the Expendables are closer than ever to appearing, Glenn Close joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Hannibal is coming back for another season and more in the News Shotgun.

Musical Montage: Trisha Yearwood “How Do I Live”

This month we’re featuring the best of action ballads/love songs, what with Valentine’s Day and what have you, and to kick things off, the theme from Con Air, How Do I Live? by Trisha Yearwood, probably not something a lot of the cons in that movie would listen to.

News Shotgun 1/25

JJ Abrams is directing Star Wars Episode VII! …and some other news as well this week in the News Shotgun.