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Action Hero of the Week: Lino Dupree

After their neighborhood is sealed off, Lino is one of the few people trying to keep the streets safe from the drugs and guns being sold by kingpin Tremaine Alexander by using his parkour skills.

Review: Brick Mansions

The final full movie featuring Paul Walker is also a fun action showcase for David Belle and his insane parkour skills, if you can suspend your disbelief for the crazy, dumb plot.

Brick Mansions Trailer

Paul Walker joins forces with Parkour master David Belle to infiltrate a dangerous neighborhood to take down RZA in the upcoming Brick Mansions, a remake of District B13.

Everything Action Theater: Punisher: War Zone

While the Punisher himself might be a slight step down from Tom Jane’s version, everything else in this movie is turned up to 11 as Frank Castle goes up against the horrifically scarred Jigsaw in Punisher: War Zone, which you can watch in full right here, thanks to Crackle.

Premium Rush Trailer

Joesph Gordon Levitt stars as a bike messenger in NYC who becomes the target of a dirty cop after he picks up an envelope for a delivery.