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New Release Round Up 10/3

Chucky is back on DVD, Blu-Ray (and Netflix) this week and there’s also the prior seasons of iZombie, House of Cards, Vikings, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and more.

Battle at the Box Office 6/5

Wonder Woman destroyed the competition over the weekend with the highest ever opening for a female directed film and the 16th best opening of all time for comic book adaptations.

Enter the Asylum: Pirates of Treasure Island

With the second Pirates movie coming out, The Asylum tried their usual confusion tactics by releasing Pirates of Treasure Island, with Lance Henriksen taking on the iconic role of Long John Silver. It’s about as awful as you think it is.

The Lone Ranger Trailer #2

With John Carter bombing horribly, Disney is hoping that another classic pulp hero, The Lone Ranger, will be their next big action franchise and they enlisted the Pirates team of Gore Verbinski and Johnny Depp to make that happen.

Know Your “That Guy”: Bill Nighy

Probably best known for playing Davy Jones in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Bill Nighy has been lending either his voice or himself to other big genre movies like Harry Potter, Underworld, Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead.

The 6th Annual Kick Ass Awards

It’s time again to honor the best and worst of the past year with the awards you actually care about. Who will win Ass Kicker of the Year and what is the Kick Ass Movie of the Year? Read on to find out.