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Planet of the Nerds

The Pull List – Planet of the Nerds #3

The sci-fi adventures of jocks out of time returns in Planet of the Nerds #3. The teenagers realize they are in the future and not on an elaborate prank TV show. They have to find the one person who can fix all in War for Beneath the Planet of the Nerds. Before Chad Gannon was […]

The Pull List – Planet of the Nerds #2

Planet of the Nerds #2 is packed with two comics and two short stories. The frozen jocks of the 80s walk into a convention dedicated to nerds of comics in this issue of Planet of the Nerds: War for The Planet of the Nerds, written by Paul Constant, illustrated by Alan Robinson, and colored by […]

The Pull List – Planet of the Nerds #1

The 1980s was a radical time for amazing wonders such as the MTV, cellphones, Nintendo Gameboy and more. But the 80s’ also developed a terrible product: Nerd hating Jocks. So what happens when three high school teenagers from 1988 get cryogenically frozen and wake up in 2019? They discover the geeks have taken over in […]