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Red Dawn

Action Hero of the Week: Billy Tepper

When their prep school is taken over by terrorists, Billy Tepper and his trouble-making friends have to use their skills to try and get intel to the authorities and keep everyone alive.

Everything Actioncast Ep 186 “Only Lionheart Forgives”

This week on the podcast, Zach, Chris, Joe and special guest Chris A. talk about the upcoming movies from Arnold and Van Damme, how do you make a Gran Turismo movie?, the magic of Road House, Lionheart’s ass kicking journey across America, lessons in Thai culture from Only God Forgives, realism in Gravity and much more.

EA Commentary: Red Dawn (2012)

Zach, Chris and Joe join the Wolverines against the invading forces of North Korea for a commentary of the remake of Red Dawn. Insert Thor joke here.

Review: World War Z

With lots of behind the scenes drama including multiple directors, delays and going over budget, it’s a pleasant surprise that World War Z is as solid as it is, even though it doesn’t come anywhere close to reaching the greatness of the book.

Review: Red Dawn

The new Red Dawn finally came out over the holiday weekend after three years on the shelf after the MGM bankruptcy. Is it worth watching or should it have been left on the shelf?

Admit One 11/23

Three new movies are out this weekend for your Holiday movie watching.