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New Release Round Up 2/13

Night of the Living Dead and Silence of the Lambs take their rightful place in the Criterion Collection this week along with the returns of Pinhead and Hey Arnold, TV like HBO’s The Deuce and more.

Horror Villain of the Week: Hannibal Lecter

A cunning and manipulative serial killer, Dr. Hannibal Lecter was secretly killing and eating victims while helping the FBI catch other serial killers, first working with agent Will Graham and then rookie Clarice Starling.

Up to Speed: Hannibal Season 2

One of the best crime shows on network or cable TV is back on Friday with the season 2 premiere of Hannibal and you can get caught up/refresh yourself on the first season right here.

Hannibal Season 2 Trailer

The phenomenal Hannibal is back for it’s second season at the end of February as Will and Hannibal’s partnership is far more antagonistic due to the events of last season.

Everything Action Theater: The Blacklist Pilot

James Spader is one the world’s most wanted criminals who turns himself in with an offer to help the FBI catch other criminals, but he’ll only talk to a rookie profiler in the new NBC action/thriller, The Blacklist.

Know Your “That Guy”: Charles Napier

Along with Steve Jobs, prolific character actor Charles Napier also passed away yesterday at the age of 75. Napier was famous for playing Murdock in Rambo 2 and various voice work.