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Action Hero of the Week: MacGruber

Simultaneously America’s greatest and worst special agent, the legendary MacGruber returns from his faked death to stop international terrorist Dieter Von Cunth from detonating a stolen nuclear warhead.

Admit One 5/21

It’s a battle of the comedies this weekend as MacGruber goes against Shrek Forever After.


MacGruber is bringing his penchant for making life saving inventions out of household materials to the big screen.

Top 5: Chris Farley SNL Sketches

Chris Farley will easily go down as one of the top SNL cast members of all time since he’s given us such hilarious sketches and characters. Here are our picks for his five best.

Videos on Fire

It’s Wednesday and it’s another edition of bonus videos. It’s been a little tough finding videos but here’s what I managed to find. Trailer: