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Action Hero of the Week: Lone Starr

Combine Luke Skywalker and Han Solo and filter through the lens of comedy master Mel Brooks and you get the goofily charming Lone Starr, who fights Dark Helmet and the evil Spaceballs to stop them from stealing the air of the peaceful planet Druidia.

New Release Round Up 4/28

A new edition of Spaceballs is out this week on Blu Ray along with some of the bigger movies from earlier this year and more cult classics.

New Release Round Up 8/7

A bunch of anniversary editions out this week and Clue finally comes out on Blu Ray and it’s our Pick of the Week.

Know Your “That Guy”: John Hurt

From being the first victim of the Alien universe, John Hurt has become go to wise older gentlemen in a number of nerdy franchises like Harry Potter and Hellboy.

Everything Actioncast Ep. 86 “Full Douche”

This week the whole quartet of Zach, Chris, Brian and Joe talk about the amazingly bad last season of 90’s Spider-Man, Superman III, Twilight causing seizures, Jurassic Park, Walking Dead, Van Damme’s penchant for fighting tournaments, this month’s upcoming movies and much more.