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Action Hero of the Week: Travis Hunter

When a group of young Yakuza make a power play to try and take over the criminal underworld of Tokyo, the CIA calls in their resident Yakuza expert Travis Hunter to investigate and take them down.

Action Hero of the Week: Jack Taggart

After his partner is killed, EPA agent Jack Taggart heads into the backwoods of Kentucky to investigate the illegal dumping of toxic waste by evil industrialist Orin Hanner Sr.

Review: Contract to Kill

The first Steven Seagal movie to hit theaters since Half Past Dead in 2002, Contract to Kill finds Seagal playing John Harmon, a CIA/DEA enforcer who must stop the Mexican cartels from entering into an alliance with Islamic extremists in Istanbul.

Steven Seagal Has a Contract to Kill (Trailer)

When terrorists are trying to use Mexican drug cartel smuggling routes to get deadly weapons into the US, CIA/DEA agent Harmon (Seagal) and his team have to stop them in the upcoming Contract to Kill.

News Shotgun 11/5

From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series may be over, Workaholics is definitely over after the next season, RL Stine writing a Marvel comic, Eleven is definitely back for Stranger Things Season 2 and much more in this week’s News Shotgun.

Action Hero of the Week: Sasha Petrosevitch

Sasha Petrosevich is an undercover FBI agent at New Alacatraz prison when a team of mercenaries storms the prison to interrogate an inmate who knows where over $200 million in gold bricks is hidden and Sasha must rally the inmates to stop them.