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Review: Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa

The fourth entry in the Jackass series puts the focus on Johnny Knoxville’s elderly alter ego, Irving Zeisman, as he has to get his grandson Billy from Nebraska to North Carolina to deliver him to his deadbeat father.

When You’re A Spy: Bitter Pill

James tasks the Burn Notice team with protecting a visiting dignitary but they are soon in a race against time when they have to find the antidote after he is poisoned.

When You’re a Spy: Unchained

Michael and Fi must use their Boston accents to try and find a fugitive mob boss in Miami for the FBI in exchange for the file on Nate’s murder on this week’s Burn Notice.

Everything Action Theater: Mystery Team

Before heading to Greendale, Donald Glover was stopping crime as part of the Mystery Team, along with his Derrick Comedy cohorts and you can check out the whole movie, right here.