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Netflix Gets Cyberpunk in 2018 with Altered Carbon (Trailer)

Based on the novel by Richard Morgan, Altered Carbon is a cyberpunk mystery where society learned centuries ago how to transfer the mind into a new body, making death a thing of the past. An imprisoned soldier, Takeshi Kovacs, is released into a new body after hundreds of years “on ice” to solve the murder of a rich aristocrat.

Know Your “That Guy”: Michael Cudlitz

Most recently appearing as Sgt. Abraham Ford on The Walking Dead, Michael Cudlitz has appeared in over 100 movies and TV shows over the years, usually as some sort of police or military officer.

Review: Surrogates

We review the latest from Bruce Willis with the new sci fi/action movie “Surrogates”, based on a fantastic graphic novel.

Admit One 9/25

We see what’s coming out in theaters this weekend: Surrogates, Pandorum and Fame.