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Know Your “That Guy”: Bruce Payne

Bruce Payne has appeared in a number of TV shows and movies over the years, usually as a sociopath villain like in Passenger 57, One Man’s Justice or Dungeons & Dragons.

Know Your “That Guy”: William Sadler

Probably best known for playing Death in Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey, William Sadler has appeared in a number of movies and TV shows, usually as an evil military officer, and most recently appeared as President Ellis in Iron Man 3.

Know Your “That Guy”: D.B. Sweeney

Usually the detective or suspect on procedurals, D.B. Sweeney has also showed up in shows like 24, CSI and Vegas and movies like Fire in the Sky, The Cutting Edge and Dinosaur.

Know Your “That Guy”: Brett Cullen

Brett Cullen usually shows up as either a father or the rival of the main character and has appeared in a bunch of movies and TV shows, including Apollo 13, Lost, Friday Night Lights, Ghost Rider, The West Wing and Damages.

Know Your “That Guy”: Clancy Brown

Probably best known as The Kurgan from Highlander, Clancy Brown had lended his deep voice to tons of video games and cartoons and has appeared in movie like Starship Troopers and, most recently, Cowboys & Aliens.

Musical Montage: Danny Elfman

Besides Johnny Depp, the other staple of Tim Burton’s movies is a score composed by Danny Elfman, who’s composed some of the most memorable film scores and TV theme songs of all time.