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Battle at the Box Office 7/1

Toy Story 4 stayed on top of the box office for another weekend while Annabelle Comes Home had the lowest opening for The Conjuring Universe and Danny Boyle had his highest opening ever with Yesterday.

New Release Round Up 6/24

Tons of TV seasons out this week, both recent and classic shows, along with our Pick of the Week, 300: Rise of An Empire.

Musical Montage: Walk Hard

One of the most underrated comedies in recent years, Walk Hard seemed like a straight parody of Walk the Line but instead turned into a parody of the entire history of Rock music, with superstar Dewey Cox transforming his style as the decades and drugs changed.

New Release Round Up 6/25

Not a whole lot out this week but you can check out the Irish crime series, Jack Taylor, which is our Pick of the Week.