Know Your “That Guy”: Colm Feore

Recently appearing as sci fi villains in movies like Thor and Chronicles of Riddick, Colm Feore is usually playing some sort of government official like in 24 and The Sum of All Fears.

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Know Your “That Guy”: Steven Berkoff

Steven Berkoff has been the bad guy of numerous classic action movies like Beverly Hills Cop and Rambo: First Blood Part II, usually as a Soviet/Russian.

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New Release Round Up 8/6

Tons of movies that are new to Blu Ray are out this week along with our Pick of the Week, The Place Beyond the Pines.

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New Release Round Up 3/26

The Sandlot is celebrating it’s 20th Anniversary on Blu Ray this week and you can also get Lincoln and the Jurassic Park movies separately.

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New Release Round Up 12/27

The week after Christmas is pretty much a dumping ground for some of the worst movies of the year but, hey, at least Archer Season Two is out.

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