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New Release Round Up 1/14

Catch the third part of the Riddick series this week along with a bunch of smaller, critically acclaimed movies like Short Term 12 and Spectacular Now.

Battle at the Box Office 9/2

The tween girl hordes arrived at theaters this weekend to make One Direction: This is Us the number one movie while the other new releases bombed.

Battle at the Box Office 8/26

Despite some great reviews, The World’s End and You’re Next were nowhere near able to top The Butler, which easily took the box office for the second week in a row.

Battle at the Box Office 8/19

The followers of the Oprah made The Butler the number one movie over the weekend while Jobs and Paranoia bombed and Kick Ass 2 disappointed.

Admit One 8/16

Four more movies are out this week as we near the end of Summer but, according to the critics, only The Butler is worth seeing.

August Movie Preview

Summer 2013 closes out with a couple of highly anticipated movies, Elysium and The World’s End, along with some YA adaptations, conspiracy thrillers and comic book adaptations