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Everything Action Theater: No Retreat, No Surrender

80’s teen Jason Sitwell must defend his new hometown of Seattle from an evil crime syndicate determined to take over all the karate dojos on the west coast and eventually must face off against Russian karate monster, JCVD.

The Expendables 3 Teaser

The Expendables 3 crew is assembled for the first teaser trailer for next summer’s action extravaganza.

Top 10s of 2012

Another year is in the books here at Everything Action and that means it’s time for us to let you know what each of the Everything Action crew thought were the ten best movies of the year.

Everything Actioncast Ep 139 “Top 10s of 2012”

This week on the podcast, Zach, Chris and Joe (with a cameo from Brian) talk about their favorite movies of 2012. There were some obvious choices like The Avengers, Skyfall, The Dark Knight Rises and The Expendables 2 along with some surprises (Jiro Dreams of Sushi?) but all the guys agreed that it was a pretty great year for movies, action in particular.

Battle at the Box Office 9/10

The top 12 movies combined made $51 million, so that gives you an idea of how horrible all the movies did this weekend at the box office, even two week champ, The Possession.

Battle at the Box Office 8/27

The Expendables 2 remained at the top of the box office over the weekend but it wasn’t too hard to do, considering all the new releases bombed pretty badly.