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The Forgotten Queen

The Pull List – The Forgotten Queen #4

In the past, Vexana has turned Vlad Tepe into a barbaric warlord. With Vexana’s power, Vlad gained a thirst for blood that seems to never be quenched. A group of heroes, under the banner called Unity, traveled to Wallachia and put a stop to Vlad and Vexana. Gilad Anni-Padda, known as the Eternal Warrior, reveals […]

The Pull List – The Forgotten Queen #3

Rejected by Khutulun the Mongolian Khan, Vexana has become heartbroken and wants to vent frustration in a fight. Khutulun leads a team of peacekeepers under a banner known as Unity, and they do not tolerate Vexana’s destructive behavior. Cast out of the Mongolian desert, Vexana wanders into the open arms of a warrior seeking her […]

The Pull List – The Forgotten Queen #2

Charmed by the beauty and the display of strength from a female khan, Vexana is obsessed to claim the conquer as her own. In a test of power, she is able to calm the khan as a prize, but not her beloved’s heart. Vexana grows frustrated the affection is one-sided. But that may all change […]

The Pull List – The Forgotten Queen #1

The Mongol Empire saw the rise and fall of many great Khans, but a lone figure was watching from the background. She was called many names, spoken in whispers or in rage, but she called herself Vexana, the War-Monger. With her magical powers, she could influence any warrior to do her bidding. She wandered the earth […]