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Admit One 2/3

February kicks off with a pair of stinkers, one of which wasn’t even screened for critics.

Samara Updates Her Tactics in Rings (Trailer)

Over ten years after she last terrorized people who viewed her footage on a cursed VHS tape, Samara Morgan is back and haunting the depths of the internet in the upcoming third entry in The Ring series, Rings.

Action Hero of the Week: Casey Bowman

The latest in a long tradition of Americans being trained as ninjas, Casey Bowman was orphaned and raised in the Koga dojo in the arts of Ninjitsu and must use his skills against an evil former classmate, a secret cult and a Burmese drug lord.

Review: The Cabin in the Woods

Getting put on the shelf for a couple of year due to the MGM bankruptcy, The Cabin in the Woods finally got released last weekend. Was it worth the wait or should it have stayed on the shelf?