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The Wrong Earth

The Pull List – The Wrong Earth #4

Just when Earth-Alpha seemed to be a little too cozy for the Dragonfly, he cranks up the violence to match his taste. After handling a supervillain with murderous results, the citizens of Fortune City are shocked by this new version of Dragonfly, fearing that former hero is now on a terrorizing rampage. But the Dragonfly soon […]

The Pull List – The Wrong Earth #3

A Dragonflyman’s work is never done, no matter what world he’s in. Dragonflyman is handling integrating two corrupt cops in the Bug House holding cell in Earth-Omega. Trying to understand the world he is in, Dragonflyman can’t bare all the sights that go against his morals. Corruption, greed, and violence rules these streets of Fortune City […]

The Pull List – The Wrong Earth #2

Both versions of Dragonflyman get a strange welcome to their new counterpart world. The dark and jaded Dragonflyman from Earth-Omega is surprised to see his ward Stringer alive and his heroism praised in Earth-Alpha. The honorable and polite Dragonflyman from Earth-Alpha is greeted by corruption and violence in Earth-Omega. The Earth-Omega Dragonflyman is not used to seeing this cheery version of his world, believing everyone is hiding something on the surface. […]

The Pull List – The Wrong Earth #1

What happens when a campy do-gooding superhero crosses over into their gritty, violent parallel universe? The Wrong Earth tells the story of the Dragonflyman, a masked vigilante hero that protects Fortune City. By day, he is the mild-mannered, Wall Street exec, Ricard Fame. But at night, he is the crime-fighting, winged Dragonflyman. He is assisted […]