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Nocturnal Animals Trailer

Amy Adams’s Susan Morrow receives a manuscript from her vengeful ex-husband that contains a story following a father (Jake Gyllenhaal) whose family is brutally attacked along a Texas road in Tom Ford’s upcoming thriller, Nocturnal Animals.

The Mind’s Eye is Retro 80’s Horror (Trailer)

Two people with psychokinetic powers escape from the clutches of a crazed evil doctor who wants to steal their powers for himself in the upcoming horror movie The Mind’s Eye, which seems like a throwback to 80’s style horror.

Hardcore Trailer

We’ve seen tons of found footage movies in recent years but Hardcore is the possibly the first first person POV movie, where you are literally in the shoes of the main character on an insane looking adventure to rescue his kidnapped wife.

Rigor Mortis Trailer

Produced by Takashi Shimizu of the Ju-On and Grudge movies and directed by first time director Juno Mak comes the insane looking new horror movie, Rigor Mortis, which will be available on VOD and in limited theatrical release next Friday.