Everything Action Theater: No Retreat, No Surrender

80’s teen Jason Sitwell must defend his new hometown of Seattle from an evil crime syndicate determined to take over all the karate dojos on the west coast and eventually must face off against Russian karate monster, JCVD.

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Musical Montage: Stan Bush “Fight to Survive”

Taking a break from singing about Transformers, Stan Bush gave JCVD the will to win the Kumite in the 80’s classic, Bloodsport.

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Musical Montage: Joe Esposito “You’re the Best”

Get your karate gi and your crane kicks ready as we celebrate The Karate Kid’s montage song, “You’re the Best” by Joe Esposito.

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The Philly Kid Trailer

After Dark Action continues to unveil the trailers for their first crop of movies and the newest one is for their MMA movie, The Philly Kid.

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