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Iko Uwais is the Wu Assassin for Netflix (Trailer)

Iko Uwais plays an aspiring chef who learns he’s been chosen to be the latest Wu Assassin, which grants him incredible martial arts powers but also a mission to track down and stop a group of crime bosses trying to use another ancient power to try and take over the world.

Action Hero of the Week: Ito

Betraying the Triad to save a young girl, former enforcer Ito must fight off his elite former colleagues, the Six Seas, and the army of goons sent to kill him.

Action Hero of the Week: Luke Wright

Former cage fighter/cop/special forces soldier Luke Wright takes himself out of solitary exile to help a young girl who is the target of seemingly every criminal group in New York City.

Action Hero of the Week: Ah Jong

Trying to do one last job to help the woman he loves get eye surgery, hitman Ah Jong is betrayed by his Triad bosses and must team with a cop to survive.

Hummingbird Trailer

Jason Statham is taking a dramatic turn in his upcoming movie, Hummingbird, playing a homeless Iraq vet who seeks revenge after his pregnant girlfriend is murdered.

Review: Safe

The first Jason Statham movie of the year features some solid action but gets dragged down by a needlessly convoluted plot and a non-existent relationship between Statham and his young protectee.