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Samara Updates Her Tactics in Rings (Trailer)

Over ten years after she last terrorized people who viewed her footage on a cursed VHS tape, Samara Morgan is back and haunting the depths of the internet in the upcoming third entry in The Ring series, Rings.

News Shotgun 4/20

Tons of news about upcoming projects for a number of directors this week along with another edition to Iron Man 3 and new promo shots for Expendables 2.

News Shotgun 1/06

A bunch of news this week including possible sequels to two of last year’s big comedies, Arnold’s next project, World War Z and the most rented Redbox movie and the most pirated movie of 2011.

Transformers 3 Details

Director Michael Bay gave out some details about what we can expect from the final chapter of the Transformers franchise.