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Movie of the Month: Frailty

The late Bill Paxton starred and directed the 2002 horror thriller Frailty, which finds his character enlisting his two sons to help him slay what he says are demons, leading the FBI, including an agent played by Powers Boothe, to believe a serial killer is on the loose.

Enter the Asylum: Haunting of Winchester House

The Asylum turns the story of Sarah Winchester and her crazy house into a cash-in to try and get in on the trend of horror/exorcism movies, specifically 2009’s The Haunting in Connecticut, with Haunting of Winchester House.

Franchise Flashback: Planet of the Apes

With the seventh entry in the Planet of the Apes franchise out in theaters this weekend, we take a look back at the other movies in the series, from the classic original to the Tim Burton re-imagining.