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Action Hero of the Week: Nick Morton

US Army Sergeant and roguish treasure hunting thief Nick Morton accidentally uncovers the tomb/prison of the evil Princess Ahmanet and has to team up with archaeologist Jenny Halsey to stop her from regaining her power and destroying the world.

Hercules Trailer #2

The Rock takes on the role of legendary hero Hercules as he and a motley group of mercenaries arrive in Thrace to defend it from an undead horde of warriors from Hades.

Action Hero of the Week: John Milton

Busting out of Hell, John Milton is on a mission of revenge against the evil cult leader who killed his daughter and is going to sacrifice his grandaughter.

World War Z Trailer

Brad Pitt is in a race around the globe to try and stop a zombie epidemic in the much delayed adaptation of Max Brooks’ phenomenal book, World War Z.