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Gamebox 2.0: Biohazard Edition

Joe checked out Resident Evil 7 for this edition of Gamebox 2.0 while Zach played a bunch of throwbacks to the NES beat em ups, Game Boy puzzlers and early PC dungeon crawlers.

Gambox 2.0: Hostess Bar Edition

Gamebox 2.0 is back for the first edition of 2017 as we checked out some Japanese craziness in Yakuza 0 and Let it Die, the latest from Adult Swim Games, the start of the new season of The Walking Dead and more.

Gamebox 2.0: Infinite Shooters Edition

The gigantic holiday shooters are here and we checked out at least the campaign in Infinite Warfare, Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 along with a few other, non-shooter, games.

Gamebox 2.0: Apocalyptic Train Edition

For this addition of Gamebox 2.0, we got the chance to play the excellent final version of The Final Station, a mobile game that turns the mechanic of Tinder into a wacky medieval adventure, the demo for Tecmo’s take on the Dark Souls style action game and more.

Gamebox 2.0: A Thief’s End Edition

One of the biggest games of the year and possibly of all time, Uncharted 4, is the anchor of this edition of Gamebox 2.0 but we got to check out a bunch of smaller indie games as well.

E3 2016: Nintendo

Nintendo seems to be focusing all their energy on the new NX console, as they only showed a trailer for the new Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild, and then spent the rest of their time in the E3 spotlight showing off Pokemon Sun and Moon.