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Review: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

The secret life of Abraham Lincoln as a vampire hunter is revealed in the latest movie from Wanted director Timur Bekmambatov but it probably should have stayed secret, or at least in the pages of the original book.

Action Hero of the Week: Wesley Gibson

You’ve seen Gunkata and Bullet Time but Wanted and Wesley Gibson introduced the world to Bullet Curving as he trained to become the world’s greatest assassin.

News Shotgun 8/13

News this week about another comic adaptation, more cartoons getting CG’d and more Terminator on the way.

New Release Round Up 3/24

Man after last week’s abysmal release schedule we have a bunch of great stuff coming out. Let’s mosey on into it, shall we?

New Release Round Up 12/2

A bunch of this summer’s movies are out on DVD this week, so if you missed them now’s your chance to catch up. DVD Wanted