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New Release Round Up 5/13

You can get the historic Wrestlemania 30 this week along with critically acclaimed Her, incredibly dumb I Frankenstein, all the Fast & Furious movies and much more.

New Release Round Up 3/25

Pick up possibly the most insane Best Picture Nominee of all time, The Wolf of Wall Street along with the latest from Jackie Chan, JCVD and much more this week on DVD and Blu Ray.

New Release Round Up 5/8

Pretty slim pickings this week but the insanity of Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar movie is unleashed on DVD and Blu Ray and is our Pick of the Week.

Everything Actioncast Ep. 52 “The Governator”

The Everything Actioncast has been on the Internet airwaves for 1 year! Zach, Chris and Joe are on to celebrate with predictions about what will happen on Arnold’s new cartoon, Blank Check and other movies about being rich, Green Lantern and more.